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When Kids are unkind: Understanding Social Cruelty Among Children

rainbow iconAnger

Helping Your Child Deal with Anger

12 Ways to Help Kids Manage Anger

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ABC Nightly News: Breakthrough for Down Syndrome and Autism (video)


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Bed-Wetting the Common Condition We Don’t Want to Talk About

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Biting Hurts


rainbow iconChores

Should You Pay Your Children for Chores


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Why Kids are Competitive

Teaching Healthy Competition

Parenting and Encouraging Healthy Competition

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Ages and Stages: Hit, Bite, or Shove!

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 Separation Anxiety

First Night Away From Baby

Getting Your Kid Out the Door in the Morning 

How to Deal with Separation Anxiety

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Understanding Early Sexual Behavior

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Is Your Child a Loner or Alone?

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 Sibling Rivalry

Beyond Sibling Rivalry

5 Ways to Defuse Sibling Rivalry

13 Signs a Sibling is Jealous of New Baby

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 Sleeping Disorders

America’s Kids Aren’t Catching enough Z’s

5 Temperament Traits That Keep Kids Awake at Night

Guidelines for Safe Sleeping (and Co-Sleeping)

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Brotherly Love? A 3 Rule Solution to Sibling Bickering

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 Telling Lies

A Little Fib or a Big Fat Lie? Teaching Kids Honesty

Building Character: How to Raise Kids to Be Good in a World That Often Isn’t

rainbow iconTemper Tantrums

7 Tips to Handling Tantrums in Public

Triumphing Over Tantrums

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How to Calm a Fussy Baby