April 2016

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Time for April showers everyone. It's getting closer and closer to the end of the school year and we're kicked off Spring with banging spring break. When spring break rolls around we get the added fun of having our school aged students all day long to participate in activities such as going to the movies and swimming at the YMCA. We value education more than anything but it's great to cut loose and have some fun too.

We are so thankful to Dwayne Durham for all of the hard work he put into expanding the toddler room. He did a great job.

Picture 2 of Expanded toddler room
Expanded toddler room



We're so happy to introduce Kamille to the daycare. She's only five months old and we're lucky to have the sweet thing.



Parent Care


Cartoon Girl Mad about doing chores

To chore or not to chore your children. Remember that age where you wanted to sweep the floor or do the dishes just like Mommy or Daddy. Remember how long that feeling lasted...until they actually made you start doing it. That's when incentives are needed and you have to figure out to pay or not pay. Paying your kids for chores can help teach them the value of money but not paying them can show them the value of helping take care of the family. Both important but which one applies to you. We found a nice helpful article where two mothers debate the topic you will now be able to find this article on our A-Z Care Solutions page. Or click here to go directly to the article.

What We Did In March


We got to celebrate St. Paddy's day in our traditional fashion of making homemade costumes and performing are Mardi Gras March. Only this year the 4K students got the added fun of marching at the Sumter Mall. The children also had an awesome spring break including pajama and movie day, swimming at the YMCA and trips to Swan Lake. 

Peace out to the readers out there from Care-A-Lot students.

Paula talking to state legislature committee


One of the things we are proud of here at Care-A-Lot Daycare is our exceptional 4K program. At our facility students are getting more one on one time with a ratio of 1 to 10. We give our students and opportunity to grow and learn with the teachers that they already know. Now it is being decided if the 4K program should be moved out of the private sector and into the public schools in SC. Care-A-Lot owner Paula Durham went to the state Capital in March and in front of state legislatures she defended why 4K should remain in the private sector. So we can keep the opportunity to transition your children to be ready for public school. “It is bad enough that the youngest school age children are on the side of the road waiting on a bus in the early hours of the morning because it is mandated that they attend public school. Our little four year olds don’t really need to be subject to that also.” – Paula Durham

 Click here to watch the full video of Paula giving her thoughts and opinions to the state legislative special committee on the issue. The video is March 10, 2016 at 12:15 Paula starts at 25 min.


If you love your students being part of the 4K program and don’t want to see it moved to public schools, please contact your representatives.

South Carolina State Legislature Commitee overseeing 4K Testimonimes
South Carolina State Legislature Commitee overseeing 4K Testimonimes


We thank you for putting your trust in Care-A-Lot Daycare. We wish you all a great month. We would like to end this newsletter with the closing statement from our owner Mrs. Paula Durham on  March 10, 2015 for the State Legislature.

"We are not glorified baby sitters anymore we are educational centers and we are making a difference in making sure no child is left behind. Now, doesn't that make a great day in SC?"

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