December 2016

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."
-Albert Einstein


  • Thursday, December 8th at 6:30pm our 4K class will be performing a Christmas show for all who can attend.
  • Thursday, December 15th after 2:00pm Santa Clause is dropping by to ask our boys and girls what they want for Christmas.
  • Friday, December 16th we will be having our annual Christmas Party. The 3 year old class and the 4K class will be exchanging gifts. Cost for gifts should be no more than five dollars.
  • Tuesday, December 20th we will be going ice skating in Columbia.

What we did in November

November 23 we had a great turnout for our Annual Thanksgiving lunch. It was a joy to the students to be able to share this day at our center with their parents. The 3 year old and 4K class both put on performances for the parents. We might have some future stars in the making.

Also in November we had a parent's night out. The kids got to have a giant sleepover at the center while this parent had a movie marathon. I give thanks to the teachers who can be here all day and then stay up with my kids all night. 

It was a great month full of things to be grateful for but the thing that we're most thankful for here is that you, the parents put your trust in Care-A-Lot. Happy Holidays to all.

4K Shining Stars

4K Class Thanksgiving 2016

Pre-3 Dazzling Diamonds 

3 year old class Thanksgiving 2016

2 yr old Little Sweethearts