Beverly “Meme” Eargle
Founder of Care-A-Lot Daycare

In the early part of 1982, Meme ran into an old friend of hers. This friend told her that she just started a daycare center in Dalzell, SC. She invited Meme to see the center. Meme started volunteering in the center and helping with the children. Not too long after that, Meme was asked if she was interested in buying it. Meme went home and talked with her husband about buying the center. With her husband’s help, she purchased the center that May. When she arrived that Monday morning, she had a total enrollment of three children and a center without a name. She asked her eldest grandson for ideas for a name. Her grandson loved the Care Bears, so he said to his grandmother, “Why not call it the Land of Care-A-Lot.” The center soon grew to a maximum capacity of 38 children and a long waiting list. In 1991, the center grew to 109 children and another long waiting list. In 1995, we moved to Dalzell Plaza and in 2010 we moved to our current location. In February 2009, our founder passed away, but her legacy lives on in our center and with the children of Sumter County that were touched by Ms. Meme.