May 2016

April Showers are ready to bring in the May flowers just in time to close out the school year. This month we have the 4K Graduation ceremony as our 4K class takes their last steps before kindergarten we can't help but reflect on how much they've grown. Next month there will be a feature article on the graduation. 

On May 24th we will be celebrating 34 years in business. To read about how it all started for Care-A-Lot Daycare click here. We want to give thanks to the founder of Care-A-Lot Daycare, Beverly “Meme” Eargle.

The summer events are planned and we are ready to start the fun. Every summer is filled with great activities for the children including swimming and trips to the movies.

Wet Day 


April we welcomed a second generation family who's father also attended Care-a-lot daycare as a child. We welcome Dominic, age 9, Denise, age 8, and Desiree age 3. We're so happy to see their father Allen all grown up with a family of his own.

We also welcomed in Kamaran, Kamarian, and Laila.


Allen and Children
We welcome the children of a former student, Allen.
Paula and Allen
Paula Care-A-Lot owner and Allen former student returning with children of his own.

What We Did In April

The 4K children took a trip on April 14th to the State House grounds for the South Carolina Read-In .There was a parade to the State House followed by special entertainment and reading in small groups. It was a fun time encouraging our children to read.

Elsa from frozen on ice

Our students got to enjoy Disney Presents:Frozen on Ice


This month we would like to give congratulations to five of our teachers, Darien, Delicia, Quintina, Shakevia, and Shantavia for completing their ECD101:Introduction to Early Childhood Credential. Thanks  to the T.E.A.C.H Scholarship all five of these young ladies will be enrolled to get their Associate's in Early Childhood Education by fall.

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