September 2016


We are happy to welcome our new students.

Callum, Kieren, Jayvon, Aiden, Kealey, Josiah, Kaidence, Andelazia, Aurora, Kashmere,  and Gabrielle

 We are happy to welcome back our returning students.

Tyson, Madison, Tori, Nova, Brayden, Zae'yonna, Tiana, Victor, Bryce, and Jayden

We will be closed Monday September 5, 2016 

Parent Care

Family back To School


Was anyone throwing a dance party the night before school started. This mom was. Granted summer vacation went by faster than I ever expected it to but that didn't mean I wasn't ready to get my home office back to myself. Also hi everyone I'm Keondra the website administrator for Care-A-Lot Daycare and it's my pleasure to say "Hi" to you from all of us at Care-A-Lot. We  truly appreciate all of parents for the care that you put into your children and letting us teach and care for them. That's why this section of our newsletter is for you. Have a topic you want to discuss shoot me an email  at or just tell me when you see me picking up my kid. 

What We Did This Summer


We had a fabulous school year. We are very proud of our 4K students and are looking forward to our summer activities. We are also happy to say we have a full 4K program next year and are excited about our new and returning students.